Self-Care for You and Your Little One’s

Who needs self-care? What is self-care? Why practice self-care? How can you implement self-care 


Who needs self-care? 

Self-care applies to everyone, in each phase of development. Our babes, littles, kiddos, and do not forget you as the parent need self-care. As you explore each developmental phase, you will learn about age-appropriate self-care practices.  


What is self-care? 

Self-care is going to look different for everyone and often changes based on a specific phase of development, life situation, and individual interests. The key is recognizing how you and your little one define self-care. My goal is to help you discover what self-care look like to you and your family. 


Why practice self-care? 

Studies indicate that benefits of regular self-care practice include allowing one to feel and function better. Helping our kiddos create safe and appropriate self-care habits promotes their self-worth, independence, and the ability to identify healthy coping mechanisms. In addition, studies indicate that littles who practice self-care show greater initiative, confidence, and sense of purpose. Research identifies self-care as a healthy emotional practice. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, emotionally healthy parents are more likely to provide and promote a safe and nurturing environment for their littles. There are countless reasons supporting why everyone in your family should implement self-care.  


 How can you implement self-care for you and your littles? 

While in college, a professor challenged me to examine my life in four areas and identify how I could practice self-care in each area.  

Emotional/Spiritual  Social 
Intellectual    Physical 


For example:  


  • Meditation 
  • Therapy session 

  •  Date nights with my spouse 
  • Girls night with friends 

  • Reading 
  • Practicing a hobby 

  • Exercise  
  • Pedicure 


This made such a strong impact on my life. Nearly 20 years later, I continue to practice this exercise. As a nursing professor and parenting educator, I challenge each of my nursing students and parents that I work with to do the same exercise. In order to take care of others, it is essential that you first take care of yourself. The first step to self-care is recognizing what your self-care needs are. This self-care reflection tool kit can help you identify your self-care needs. Ideally, complete the self-care reflection tool kit for yourself first, then complete it for your littles having them help share thoughts and ideas as age appropriate.  

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