Potty Training

Potty Training Tips & Tricks

Potty training is arguably one of THE biggest challenges for kiddos and parents to conquer together. 

It is a great time to teach your kiddo that we can do hard things! There are several methods when it comes to potty training. Choose a method that works best for you and your kiddo. Get started with the right materials before you get going and you and your child will both have a better experience! 

{potty training} supplies 

  1. Little potty 
  2. Flushable wipes or soft toilet paper 
  3. Thin underwear 
  4. Easy to remove clothes 
  5. Soap and water 
  6. Motivating prizesPee prizes and poop prizes. 
  7. Sticker chart 
  8. Timer 
  9. Lots of fluids 
  10. 3-7 days dedicated to potty training 

Want to learn how to get your kiddo on the fast track with potty training?

Consider my Potty Training Course!

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