Parenting Consultations Tutoring

Need a little 1:1 help with your parenting concerns?

I would love to help you work through it! As an adoptive mother of 5, a registered nurse and long time parenting teacher, I am here to help you work through and learn to adopt parenting tools that work for you and your family.

Popular topics for parenting consults:

✓ Adoption process or guidance
✓ Adoption preferences (drug exposure, biological family medical history, race)
✓ Potty training
✓ Discipline/Behavior
✓ Bridging the gap with parents and grandparents
✓ Self-Care for you and your children
✓ Understanding childhood development phases
✓ Taking care of your newborn
✓ Communicating with your children
✓ Teaching your children about sex
✓ Teaching your child about adoption
✓ Teaching your child about their fertility conception story

Cost is $150/60 minutes 

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