Date Night = Stronger Relationships

Date Night strengthens relationships

Take time to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Three researched benefits to consistent, intentional date night with your partner include:

Strengthend Bonds

Date night provides intentional opportunities to bond with your partner. Strive to strengthen your connection emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially. A strong bond provides greater trust, understanding, security, and layers of happiness within your relationship.  


Date night energizes your relationship with your partner. Parenting is tough! Let date night become a welcomed distraction from the hectic schedule, demands, and pressures of parenthood. Identify fun, simple ways that you can breathe energy back into the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social aspects of your relationship. Create dating rules to keep the energy positive, fun, and romantic on date night. (For example, phones for nanny emergency calls only; no talking about kids, finances, or work; etc.) 


Date night empowers your relationship. As you invest in uninterrupted time together, your relationship gains strength and confidence. Research shows that couples that prioritize time together feel more empowered as partners in parenting providing lasting benefits to their children. 

Check out our free printables or get additional printables with our memberships to help make grown-up date night fun for your kids too. Commit today to strengthening your relationship through date night! 

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