Crap Happens™ – Potty Training Course for Parents


Struggling to know when your child is ready to potty-train? Feel like you aren’t making any progress?

Parenting expert Nurse Amy is here to help with her all new potty training course for parents with the best tips tricks and advice she has used over the years with her own kids and teaching other moms how to potty-train their kiddos.

What others are saying about this course:

“This course is a must for new moms! It has everything you need to know. It is so good!”

“I just finished the potty-training course. It’s awesome! I loved everything about it and I learned some new stuff, which is saying something because I have already trained 3 kids!”

“Amy’s potty-training course is so organized and so easy to follow. I am excited to implement what I have learned. Thank you Amy!”

“I’m actually EXCITED to potty-train my child when she’s ready! You seriously thought of all the details…and then some!”

“I need to potty-train my youngest kiddo, but she’s my only girl and as a dad I was very overwhelmed. Your course taught me what I need to know about potty-training girls and you have tips and tricks I never thought about with my older kids. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence to do this!”

“Amy’s knowledge base and experience are phenomenal! She is relatable and practical. Thank you for helping me conquer potty-training!”

“Potty-training seemed so overwhelming until I found Amy. She is a superb teacher. I gained the confidence and knowledge I needed for potty-training to be a successful experience for our family.”

“Potty-training my 2 1/2-year-old seemed impossible. So naturally, I put it off. I decided to browse Potty-Training education and found Hope in Parenting and saw how simple each day was broken down. Hope in Parenting gave me the power and confidence to simply get started. And viola! Zero diapers in days! Easy, fun & a positive experience for the whole family. ”

Topics for this course

8 Lessons48m


Videos and content to get you started on potty training.
Welcome Video00:01:20
10 Tips & Tricks for Potty Training00:09:15
3 Day + Method00:09:23
Modern Method00:09:35
Shopping List00:03:51
Common Questions00:08:11
Extenuating Circumstances00:05:54
Potty Training Certified with Nurse Amy00:00:36
Crap Happens Potty Training Course for Parents

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