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Meet Amy

Amy has a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing and is a Certified Pediatric Nurse. She has worked at a community hospital as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. In addition to hospital nursing, Amy works as a University nursing professor.

In 2011, she combined her passion for nursing, education, and motherhood when she began to teach parenting courses. Amy loves empowering others through education and promoting supportive parenting communities. Her scientific and research based nursing background, paired with her love for being a mother to her five adopted children provide unique and relatable teaching opportunities she can share with others.

My husband Drew and I have been married for 17 years.

During the first year of our marriage we were ecstatic when we found out we were pregnant. My doctor had given us little hope in our ability to conceive related to a previously identified medical diagnosis.

I will never forget the immediate bond and joy that we felt to that little one. It was amazing how quickly we fell in love with and began to dream about our unborn child. Our excitement grew as we heard the heartbeat, saw our little one on ultrasounds, and allowed ourselves to open our hearts and embrace our role as preparing parents.

Joy transitioned to our greatest sorrow

That first pregnancy became our first loss. Over the next few years of our marriage, we continued to experience emotions that accompany the hope found in pregnancy, and the grief felt with loss. After years of fertility treatments and five pregnancy losses, our hope diminished. Sadness and bitterness began to creep into our hearts.

As we fought against feelings of despair, we found hope in the idea of adoption.

We began the strenuous process of adoption certification not knowing anything about the journey we were about to begin. As we completed the extensive paperwork, interviews by agencies, and opened our home for a home study, we felt overwhelmed with the requirements deeming our adoption eligibility.

Assigned case workers came into our home and asked us how our infertility affected our marriage and why we felt we deserved the opportunity to be parents. They were cold in their speech and demeanor. They expected our home to be completely childproof and for us to provide our thorough parenting discipline plans.

Parenting was foreign and we did not know who we could turn to for answers.

Our desire for parenthood kept us motivated to continue through the seemingly endless requisites along the unknown path. After we completed the requirements for adoption certification, we prayed and hoped this journey would lead us to parenthood.

This experience has been repeated over and over as we have adopted our 5 children.

Our hearts are full as we embrace the opportunity to parent these beautiful children. 

This journey has been challenging and at times seemed too difficult to bear. Yet each morning we have been greeted by the sunrise bringing light, perspective, and hope. Our passion and desire is to share that message of hope.

Hope in family, hope in parenting, hope in the journey. 


Through it all we've learned to adopt (and adapt) parenting tools that work!

Amy has used her knowledge, her nursing degree and work in pediatrics to instruct and support other mothers in the community as they learn to adopt parenting tools that work as well. We are excited to now be able to share them with you online!

If you're ready to adopt parenting tools that work..

We invite you to consider joining our parenting membership groups for support and tools that have helped not only us, but other parents enjoy the journey of parenthood.

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